Take action and save the environment!

Thank you for visiting the Get Greener Canada website.

We are currently re-organizing our website to continue providing you with the environmental information to help you make eco-friendly decisions in your day to day life. In the meantime, we have created a list of the Top 10 things we should all be doing to "Get Greener". It is our responsibility to save the environment by curbing global warming and other negative impacts of climate change.

Top 10 Envrionmental Tips

  • Drive less, stop idling. We can significantly decrease our carbon footprint by driving less. Get into the habit of walking or riding a bike for short trips and taking public transit when possible. If you are unable to do so, try to car pool and never let your car idle for more than 30-60 seconds. Maybe telecommuting is an option for you?

  • Buy a fuel efficient car. Sports Utility Vehicles and cars with large engines though luxurious and sometimes convenient, are often gas guzzlers. Switching to smaller cars and hybrids would be a positive step.

  • Recycle. Reduce the amount of garbage that has to go into landfills. Recycle and if you live in a home or a co-op, setup a compost heap where the resulting natural fertilizer can be used in gardens, in place of chemical fertilizers.

  • Energy efficient home. Ensure that your home is energy efficient. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs; when replacing appliances or water heaters or furnaces - opt for the most energy efficient models (and recycle the old equipment). Turn off lights when not in rooms; don't waste water and use a programmable thermostat.

  • Organic food. Start buying organic food products that have been produced using sustainable farming techniques and are free of chemical fertilizers. Initially aim for having 25% of your purchases as organic and move that as close to 100% as possible. Look for local food that has travelled the least distance to get to your grocer.

  • Plant a tree. What better way to "Get Greener" than to plant trees?

  • Green Investing. There are many publicly traded companies that are either developing green technologies or are environmentally friendly in their operations. Invest in some of these companies as long as they meet your personal risk and reward criteria.

  • Buy Green Energy. Many utilities and electric companies will sell you energy that was generated using solar or wind energy. Or you can also look at installing solar panels or a wind turbine on your property to generate your own green energy.

  • Turn off your computer. In recent years with the spread of broadband Internet, people seem to have gotten into the habit of leaving their computers running 24/7. There is no need for this - turn them off - put them in "hibernate" mode and only keep them on when they are in use.

  • Share this website. Send a link to the Get Greener Canada website to your friends and family. Encourage them to follow these tips as closely as possible!